This calendar of saints is drawn from several denominations, sects, and traditions. Although it will no longer be updated daily, the index on the right will guide visitors to a saint celebrated on any day they choose. Additional saints will be added as they present themselves to Major.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29 -- Feast of St. Juniper

Juniper was a disciple of St. Francis himself, which no doubt enhanced his well-deserved reputation for holiness. Juniper was taking a long, slow journey to Rome, and by the time he got there, rumor of his holiness had preceded him and he was greeted by a large crowd. His humility and desire for solitude got the better of his dignity, so he crossed to a group of children and began playing with them on a see-saw. (I'll be you never thought about 13th century seesaws. I never did, but of course the technology is pretty simple.) The crowd was disgusted and abandoned him, so he excused himself from the children and continued on to the monastery.

On another occasion, a sick man requested ham. Juniper took the leg of a pig from a nearby farmer, roasted it, and gave it to the man. The farmer protested, and Juniper was so effusive in his apology that the farmer donated the rest of the pig to him.

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