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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8 -- Feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs


In spite of the fact that the story of the original Quatuor (sic) Coronati -- the Four Crowned Martyrs -- is apparently rooted in historical fact, there are a couple of perplexing questions and at least one suspicious legend related.  First, the original story.  

The God of Healing
Aesceplius with a serpent on his staff
In Pannonia (northern Balkan Peninsula), a studio of stone sculptors was commissioned to carve an idol of Aesclepius, the god of medicine and healing.  Their names we Castorius, Claudius, Simpronius, Nicostratus, and Simplicatus.  [Yeah, I know.  Good on you for catching it.]  These artists, having previously carved magnificent idols of Nike, Cupid, and the Chariot of the Sun, declined the commission. 

Diocletian's persecution was in full bloom, so their reluctance to carve was challenged.  When they explained it was a matter of faith and conscience, they were sealed in leaden coffins and tossed in the River Sava.

Question One:  If there are five names, why are they the Quatuor Coronati?  Shouldn't they be the Quinque Coronati? 

Question Two:  If they were willing to carve other idols, why not this one?

The Workshop of the Quatuor Coronati

Where's Simplcatus? 

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