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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7 -- Feast of Blessed Agathangelus and Cassianus

Cassian Vaz Lopez-Neto and Agathangelo were a couple of Capuchin monks from France who went Egypt to work with the Copts.  By work with, I mean evangelize, which is to say that correct the perceived deficiencies in the faith of this very ancient branch of the Church.  I'm generally pretty big on the work of the Capuchins (as much as I know about it), but this seems presumptuous and insulting. 

Not surprisingly, the Copts weren't much interested.  The good brothers worked their way south to Abyssinia to see if they could have better luck with missionary work there.  Perhaps they found what they were looking for.  They were either stoned to death or hanged by the cords of their robes -- accounts vary.  What is certain is that they were martyred there in 1638. 

I'll admit that this is a very short post, but what more can be said of these beati? 

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