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Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11 -- Feast of Saint Cainnech

Ancestry: Gaelic

Parents:  Lughadh the Bard and Saint Mella, aka Saint Maul

Aliases: Canice, Canicus, Kenneth, Kenny (as in Kilkenny), Cainnech moccu Dalánn.

Territory:  Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Expertise:  preaching for conversion, Gospel commentary, founding monasteries

Magnum Opus: Glas-Choinnigh (The Chain of Cainnech, a serial Gospel commentary)

Lasting Foundation:  founded the first church at Rigmond, now known as Saint Andrews, though the ruins of Kil-Chainnech on Tiree Island are extant
Go Stags

Entertaining Legends:  While visiting Inish Ubdain (a small island), he found that mice had chewed at his shoes.  He barked a sharp word at them and they all fled the island, which was convenient since Partick had already chased away the snakes, thus shaking up the whole predator-prey web.

On the island of En Irish, he ordered the birds to ground themselves and stop singing during the Mass.  They complied, though they probably grumbled that Francis of Assisi had never insisted on that. 

While living as a hermit, he got a local stag to hold his Bible in its antlers so that he wouldn't have to put it down while he prayed.

Suggestion:  If you're ever the athletic director of a St. Kenneth's School or St. Cainnech's College, consider the stag as a mascot.  Go Stags!

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