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Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24 -- Feast of Saint Minver

Sid and Lizzie -- Keepers of St. Minver's good name
If you went to the St. Minver Holiday Park in Cornwall (UK), you'd be hard pressed to find the good soul who lent her name to the place.  However, you would find Sid the Seagull and his adopted sister, Lizzie the Lizard.  Sid's a hip hop dance aficionado and Lizzie, a "Keep Fit and Kissing Lizard," enjoys working out and saving the environment.  Of course she does. 

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It is too bad that they didn't build the holiday park around the legend of Saint Minver, a Welsh nun who moved to Cornwall.  She was combing her hair out by the well one day when the Devil appeared to tempt her.  The nature of the temptation(s) is not specified, but Minver drove him away by throwing her combs at him.  I've got nothing against mascots dressed up as critters -- DisneyWorld would be less than it is without Mickey and the gang -- but I long for a theme park where I can throw sharp objects at demons.  True, during the hajj, Muslims go to Mina (east of Mecca) to symbolically stone the Devil by throwing stones at three walls, but the hajj is more holy day than holiday.  Is a pub where you can tempt yourself with a cool pint while a nun throws combs like darts at a devil-faced target too much to ask? 

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