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Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7 -- Feast of Saint Burgundofara

Having taught high school for more than a few years, I find something comically refreshing in the story of Burgundofara, or Fara, or even Fare, as she was called.  Not her suffering, certainly.  That sounded very debilitating, painful, and unpleasant.  But living in an age when middle schools distribute contraceptives, it is hard to imagine a time when parents would argue against the virginity of their children. 

Yet back in seventh century France, poor Saint Fara was in just that position.  Her dad, Count Agneric, wanted her to get married.  She wanted to remain celibate.  It being the seventh century, Dad had final authority.  But good dads know when to cave in to their daughters' demands, and even average dads can be made to recognize when they're out of their depths. 

Fara fell ill.  Seriously ill.  So ill that she wasn't likely to make it to the altar for the wedding.  Moreover, her eyesight was damaged by so much crying.  She must have been the (barely) living embodiment of pitiable.  Count Agneric finally relented.  By the next day, she was miraculously healed. 

Daddy's Little Girl shouldn't be dumped in any old convent, of course.  Agneric built an impressive double abbey for Burgundofara near Evoriacum.  She served as the abbess for thirty-seven years and was venerated upon her death.  The town and present Benedictine monastery, still bear her name: Faremoutiers. 

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