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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2 -- Feast of Saints Vincentian

I've got oxen pulling a cart...
There seem to be two saints named Vincentian celebrated today, though both seem to have little written about them.

Saint Vincentian of Tulle was a French hermit who died in 730.  Other than that he was the spiritual student of Saint Menelaus, I don't know much about him. 

and a bear pulling a cart...
The second (or really first, since he died in 672) Saint Vincentian was a hermit.  They put his corpse on an ox cart to carry it to the churchyard for burial.  En route, a bear killed and devoured one of the oxen.  One of Vincentian's disciples ordered the bear to take the dead ox's place in the yoke.  It did, of course, and the saint was delivered to his grave. 

but no bear-and-ox pulling together. 
Saints Columbanus and Gall are more famous for enlisting help from bears, but I like this story best.  Instead of merely saddling some passing creature with a burden (hardly saintly, it seems), this bear was forced to take a little responsibility for the problem he created.  I'll grant it is somewhat anthropomorphicist of me to assign responsibility to a bear for killing an ox, but the problem existed due to its nature, and it was forced to step outside its nature to rectify that problem.  That seems the proper proportion of a miracle involving bears. 

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