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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15 -- Feast of Blessed Cesar de Bus

Blessed Cesar
One of my regular complaints about Christianity as it has been practiced historically is that the drive for orthodoxy consistently narrowed the ways to celebrate and serve God.  Liturgies and doctrines have been eliminated and ruled heretical; one is continually pressed to adopt the one true faith or be lost forever.  There is some irony that even as the Vatican moved to lift restrictions on the Tridentine Mass, effectively allowing the pre-Vatican II liturgy to resume, its devotees continued to carp about other Eucharistic ceremonies.  It was insufficient for them to have their form of Mass restored -- they seemed to demand that all Catholics revert to it. 

My thoughts drifted back to this schismatic attitude as I read about Blessed Cesar de Bus. In the first place, he fought in the wars against the Huguenots, which was understandable if regrettable.  When the nation calls, young men answer.  They fight, they kill, they die -- all before they have a real chance to think about why.  Cesar responded to this by living the high life after the war, at least until he was struck by the faith as he passed a shrine to the BVM on his way to a masquerade ball. 

Inspired by Saint Charles de Borromeo, he dedicated himself to catechesis, i.e. Christian education.  Although it is an element of pastoral care (what isn't?), it struck me as less appealing.  It lacked the adventure of evangelism.  It was less laudable than caring for the least of God's children as Father Damien and Mother Teresa had done.  In short, few vocations in the Church struck me as less inspiring than catechesis.  

And yet, that is what inspired Blessed Cesar, who founded two religious orders and dedicated the balance of his life to church service.  When I think about the para-schismatics like the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) and grow resentful, I will do well to reflect on Cesar de Bus, who found his niche and settled in.  Not everyone needs to do all jobs, but everyone needs to do his or her own job. 

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