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Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13 -- Feast of Blessed Gerard of Clairvaux

Brother Cellarer in Belgium -- named Gerard?
There must be something about the name Gerard that suggested the job of cellarer; Gerard of Sauve-Majeure also had the job.  I would think the keys to the taproom would be a weighty responsibility in a monastery.  I could relate a couple off-color stories from my days in the fraternity, but perhaps the reader's imagination can fill the gap I prefer to leave.  Yes, I know that there are differences between a monastic fraternity and a collegiate fraternity, but boys and beer are still boys and beer. 

Gerard had been a soldier, which might have influenced the decision to put him in charge.  Not a lot of monks would be willing to go toe to toe with a combat veteran for an extra pint of beer, especially if that vet had the backing of Father Abbot.  And more especially since that abbot was Bernard of Clairvaux, the Mellifluous Doctor of the Church.  If I had been a monk at Clairvaux, I would have taken my daily quart gratefully and troubled no one for more. 

I haven't said a lot about Blessed Gerard, but I don't have a lot of specifics on him.  He was wounded at the siege of Grancy and joined the Cistercians under Bernard at Citeaux.  He accompanied Bernard to Clairvaux, where he was the Mellifluous Doctor's close confidant.  Bernard mourned his loss and praised his piety.  And hopefully, all the brothers got an extra pint to mark his passing. 

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