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Thursday, September 30, 2010

October 1 -- St. Remigius and the BVM

Remigius baptizes Clovis I
October 1 is among the feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This particular day is dedicated to Holy Protection of the Mother of God.

But it's also the feast of St. Remigius, the Apostle of the Franks (the proto-French, not the hotdogs). He baptized King Clovis I, making Christianity cool throughout the kingdom. The chrism (holy oil) for this baptism was delivered from heaven by a dove; known as La Sainte Ampoule, it was kept at Reims Cathedral until the Revolution. The Revolutionaries publicly smashed the ampule against the statue of King Louis XV in 1789, but some oil was said to have adhered to someone's clothes, and was thus transferred to another vessel, brought out for the coronation of Charles X in 1824.

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  1. NB. His regular feast is on January 13. This is the feast of the translation of his relics.