This calendar of saints is drawn from several denominations, sects, and traditions. Although it will no longer be updated daily, the index on the right will guide visitors to a saint celebrated on any day they choose. Additional saints will be added as they present themselves to Major.

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 28 -- St. Conval of Strathclyde

We live in a subtle age. The signs and miracles around us are easily overlooked, mistaken, misinterpreted, or dismissed. When St. Conval prayed for God's guidance, the stone on which he was standing broke free of the shore and carried him to Inchinnan, where he began his work as an evangelist. Our spiritual experiences, if we accept them at all, are kept to ourselves, lest (to paraphrase Peter Gabriel) our friends would think we were nuts.

I like to think that God needed to do spectacular miracles because dramatic demonstrations were needed to persuade an illiterate and fiercely pagan people. In this post-Reason era, perhaps we need subtler, more personal demonstrations of God's power. Be watchful.

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