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Monday, February 21, 2011

February 22 -- Feast of St. Peter

Sure, I'd prefer to be writing about Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski, a priest who died of typhus in Dachau, or Pope Telesphorus, who may or may not have instituted Lent, but surely did begin Christmas Midnight Mass. There's the outrageously named Émilie d’Oultremont van der Linden d’Hooghvorst and the outrageously unnamed Martyrs of Arabia. The choices for today are manifold, BUT...

One cannot ignore that biggest of dogs, rivaled only by Paul and maybe John, Simon Peter. He was the Rock (Kephas, Petrus, Rocky) on which the Church was built. He's the Keeper of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. He's half of the first link in the chain of apostolic succession, on which (as Williams might say) so much depends. But what's to be said about him that hasn't already been minced to a powder?

Well, let's consider the resurrection of Dorcas. You remember Dorcas, right? She lived and died in Joppa. You thought her name was Tabitha? Correct, that was her alias. And after she died, Peter raised her from the dead. Why? To inspire faith? To challenge faith? To allow her to continue her good works? I don't know, but I will say my confidence in the Book of Acts was shaken when I read that. Jesus resurrecting Lazarus was okay because he was, after all, Jesus. But what are the implications of resurrections by apostles? I find it troubling.

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  1. (Petros) Peter, the rock, a man of Action. It was Peter who wanted to build three tents for Elijah, Moses and Jesus when he witnessed the Transfiguration. Peter claimed he'd never deny his love for the Lord but Jesus knew better and called him on it saying "I tell you the truth, before the rooster crows you shall deny me three times" Matthew 26:34. I love verse 35 where Peter responds "Even if I have to die with you, I will NEVER deny you" Oh Peter, always speaking before you think, Jesus just told him he would. When Peter heard the crows of the rooster he was convicted, big time! He failed his Lord, and when Christ died Peter had to live with this failure for what he thought would be the rest of his life, but Jesus came to redeem the world and one of His first stops after His resurrection was to see Peter - to offer him redemption for his failure. Can you picture how that conversation went - that must have been uncomfortable for Peter. Acts Chapter 2 begins with the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost. It was by the power of the Holy Spirit that Peter was able to establish the early church. It was by the power of the Holy Spirit that Peter was able to raise Dorcus(I love that name) from the dead. It shouldn't trouble you Maj that Peter was given this ability. Peter was just a vessel for the Spirit of God. It wasn't Peter who raised her from the dead, it was God! I sometimes wish that God would give us the same powers He gave the first Apostles, but in actuality it's probably a good thing He doesn't. I know if I had the ability to raise the dead, even in the name of Jesus Christ, I would probably end up abusing that power.