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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9 -- Saint Miguel Febres Cordero Muñoz

Saint Miguel Febres Cordero Munoz taught school for thirty-two years, well short of the forty-plus that some of my colleagues have hit, but far longer than my twenty-four (well, 23.5) so who am I to kick. Brother Miguel wrote his own textbooks, as well as hymns, odes, plays, and instructional manuals. I'm sure I could make much more of this if I could rip into his essays on instructional methods (he was probably right on more things than we are today) but my local bookstores don't offer much by way of nineteenth century Ecuadoran pedagogy.

He got to be a pretty big deal. He was elected to the Academies of Letters in Ecuador, Venezuela, France, and Spain. He went off to Europe to translate works from French to Spanish so they could be used in schools, but he got sick and, after a couple of years, died.

I haven't seen that he is the patron saint of anything in particular, but I think it is National Guidance Counselor Week, so any help he can give them would be appreciated.

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