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Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8 -- Feast of Saints Kigwe and Isaias

Lady and a boar -- not really Kigwe though
Saint Kigwe was the sister of a Welsh monk named Congar, also recognized as a saint.  Congar had closed himself off from the world, like a good monk should, but Kigwe felt that exceptions ought to be made for close family members.  She showed up at his cell and he refused to see her, believing that even a sister would be a distraction from his spiritual purification. 
Isaias, a celebrated friar and a Boner

Somewhat miffed, she summoned a wild boar and then tamed it on the spot.  Recognizing her achievement to be a miracle, Congar welcomed his sister for a friendly visit. 

Saint Isaias Boner is also celebrated on this day.  He was an Augustinian friar in the fifteenth century, a professor of theology in the University of Krakow.  He also held the title of Visitator of the Provinces of Bavaria, which meant that he traveled among the Augustinian houses to make sure they were sticking to the Rule and values of Augustine. 

Yeah, his last name is Boner and I am just immature enough to write about him for that reason alone. 

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