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Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4 -- Feast of Blessed Patrick Salmon

      The Boston Globe says that salmon and peas have been a Fourth of July favorite for centuries.  This apparently is because the salmon would be running the rivers just as the first harvest of peas would be ready, all coincident with Independence Day.  As the Globe correctly notes, I can now get salmon any time of the year, though my Atlantic salmon (most traditional) is not wild caught.  Peas too are a year-round delicacy, thanks to Clarence Birdseye's innovations.

     Grilled salmon is a treat, but mercifully, the English only hanged Patrick Salmon for the crime of harboring a priest in 1594.  It was still a tough rap, since it was actually his boss, Blessed Thomas Bosgrave, who was hiding Blessed Father John Cornelius.  Another servant, John Carey, also got gaffled and they all went to the scaffold together on July 4.

     So much for the salmon.  As for the peas on July 4, we have Peter of Luxembourg, Pedro Romero Espejo, Procopius,  Pier Giorgio Frassati, and of course Patrick Salmon himself - a heaping helping, I must say.

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