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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 17 -- St. Elizabeth of Hungary

She was sent to live in her betrothed's family's home at age four, and she died at age 24 while under the control of an over-zealous priest. But in between, Elizabeth's life seems to have been satisfying, comfortable, and very holy.

In spite of her early betrothal and marriage (age 14, to a 21 year old husband named Ludwig), she and her husband seem to have been quite happy. They are both venerated as saints, and together they had three children.

Her sense of charity initially distressed Ludwig, though eventually he was persuaded of her wisdom. She once took in a dying leper and put him in the bed she shared with Ludwig. Angered, Ludwig rushed in to throw the wretch out, but stopped short when he remembered Matthew 25:40 -- "just as you did to the least of these who are members of my family, so you did to me." Together, Elizabeth and Ludwig became responsible for establishing a hospital and given much aid to the needy.

When Ludwig died of plague on a Crusade, Elizabeth left the castle with her young children and went to an abbey. She lived long enough to provide for the maintenance of her children, and then she too went to her grave.

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