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Monday, November 29, 2010

November 30 -- St. Andrew

This one is THE Saint Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, the fisherman called to be a fisher of men. He is considered a protocletos, one of the first four apostles called into service by Jesus.

He is, of course, the patron of Scotland and their flag has a saltire cross (X-shaped) because the legend has it that he was executed at Patras on a saltire rather than an upright cross. The Scottish might well have selected the Celtic St. Columba as their patron, but the Synod of Whitby declared that St. Peter's older brother outranked a newer saint, even if that saint had been more directly responsible for Christianizing their country.

The relics (parts) of St. Andrew are of course scattered all over the world, just as they are for many of the Big Dog saints. There are parts in Greece, Italy, Scotland, and Poland. However, in a gesture of goodwill toward the Greek Orthodox Church, Pope Paul VI returned a finger and the head of St. Andrew to the church in Patras, Greece. I'm not sure what parts of the saint are still kept in Amalfi, Italy; if you get there, please find out and send word back to me.

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