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Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 7 -- St. Engelbert

Definitely among the most funny names in the canon. One can't have lived in the second half of the twentieth century and fail to think of Engelbert Humperdink, the funniest name in the whole entertainment industry (Andy Dick finishes a distant second), or at very least the evil prince from The Princess Bride.

The beneficiary of
ecclesiastical patronage, he was a provost of Cologne Cathedral by age 14. A "worldly and dissolute youth known for good looks, keen mind, and wild ways," he used his ever-increasing church power to the advantage of his family. In fact, both he and his cousin Adolf were excommunicated for threatening to attack the Holy Roman Emperor.

Although he was accepted back into the fold after submitting to the Pope's authority, he seemed to care more about the stability and prosperity of his dominions than he did about his flock. He took firm control of the Diocese of Cologne, organizing his clergy and monasteries so that they could prosper. No one would argue with his administrative skill, but one might question his motivation.

Forty-seven lacerations. That's what it took. The Pope asked Engelbert to protect some nuns that were being harassed by Engelbert's cousin Count Frederick. Engelbert was gonna do it, but the evil Count sent assassins. Forty-seven cuts later, Saint Engelbert. No word on the nuns.

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