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Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 13 -- St. Odilia of Alsace

Poor Odilia was born with two strikes -- female and blind. Her father, Duke Aldaric, didn't wait for the third strike; he put Odilia out, knowing she'd be of no use to him. The child was raised by a peasant family until she was twelve, when she was placed in a convent. There, the baptismal chrism gave her sight.

We've all heard the term buyer's regret, but we've all experienced as much disposer's regret. Comic books, baseball cards, Star Wars glasses, Happy Meal toys -- think of all the stuff you've thrown out in a cleaning frenzy, only to see it later on e-Bay for the price of a new iPad.

Odilia's brother experienced a little disposer's regret. Recognizing that she might have some value in an arranged marriage, he sought to kidnap her from the convent. Duke Aldaric became incensed at the situation and struck his son dead, but fortunately, Odilia was able to resurrect him before fleeing back to the convent. Aldaric pursued her, but the mountain cave into which she ran dropped stones on the Duke as he tried to enter. Wisely, he abandoned his daughter (again). She became a great abbess.

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