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Monday, December 6, 2010

December 7 - St. Ambrose

This is a very Big Dog. He is one of the four Latin Doctors of the Church. This is the guy who converted St. Augustine and taught him Greek. This is a guy who was elected bishop of Milan before he had been baptized (though he was at least living a Christian life). This is a guy who stayed in the cathedral with his congregation for a week (Holy Week at that) because it was under siege by the Empress Justina, an Arian and well, the sort of bitch who would lay siege to a cathedral. And that's not all she'd lay, if the price was right. That's right, I said it.

But back to the Big Dog. When he became the bishop of Milan, he gave away his worldly wealth, set aside his political career, and dedicated himself to both the scholarly and pastoral responsibilities of his new office. To live up to his position, he imposed a few rules on himself.

1. Never dine out in Milan. He did not want to receive more invitations than he could accept, nor did he want his social life to interfere with his obligations.
2. Never be involved in marriage settlements.
3. Never advise anyone to join the army.
4. Never recommend anyone for a place at court.

They are not words I need to live by, but they do make me wonder what four rules should guide my professional life, or perhaps my life generally.

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