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Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30 -- St. Egwin of Worcester

When Bernard Bangley edited Butler's Lives of the Saints (2005), he acknowledged the feast of St. Egwin, noting that he was Bishop of Worcester and probably founded Evesham Abbey. Bangley also wrote this:

As with many other saints of his time, the stories about him were written years after his death. Popular taste demanded fabulous tales full of magic and mystery. We do him no service to repeat such material here.

Paul Burns, who edited another version of Butler in 2004, dropped Egwin in favor of St. John-Francis Regis, whose feast is also December 30. Fortunately, others are less scrupulous about repeating fabulous stories of magic. The favorite seems to be this.

Egwin was criticized and then deposed by the archbishop of Canterbury for being too strict. He decided to plead his case to the Pope. Accordingly, he shackled himself and tossed the key into the Avon. Then he boarded his ship and embarked for Rome. Arriving there, he shuffled to the market and bought a fish. When the fish was gutted, the key (of course) was recovered. The Pope was persuaded by this miraculous sign and restored Egwin to his bishopric. [Emphasis on pric, if the Archbishop of Canterbury is to be believed.]

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