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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 -- Feast of St. Ignatius of Laconi

There were lots of interesting choices for today, though nothing I read was especially compelling. I briefly thought that St. Comgall was a contender, having been the founder of Bangor, but then I realized that it was Ireland's Bangor, not Bangor, Maine. He did say that a man without a soul-friend is a body without a head, which is sweet, and his bones were desecrated by the Vikings. Heathen bastards.

Then I thought about St. Maieul, whose name contains most of the normal English vowels. Had the saint been Maieulo, the very name itself would be miraculous.

St. Credan of Cornwall was a contender. He accidentally killed his father. Deep in remorse, he abandoned his former way of life and became a hog reeve. Apparently he was such a dedicated hog reeve that he was recognized as a saint after his death.

However, the imagery involved in one story about St. Ignatius of Laconi was too good to be ignored. He was a questor, an official beggar, for his order. The brothers living within the monastery relied on the questors for their food, so it was a position of considerable responsibility. A local moneylender complained that Ignatius refused to beg from him, so he was ordered to go ask for food. He did so, and was given a large sack of provisions. However, when he returned to the monastery and opened the bag, the food was dripping with the blood of the poor. I imagine that after that, no one told him where to beg.

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