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Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27 -- Feast of Saint Augustine of Canterbury

Here's the skinny on Saint Augustine of Canterbury.

1. He's the Apostle to England (to the Anglo-Saxons)

2. He is not the Fourth Century Augustine, the big dog of stolen pears fame, but he's a big dog in his own right.

3. The Archbishops of Canterbury are all said to sit on the throne of Saint Augustine, just as the Pope sits on St. Peter's Chair. Some may find that derivative, but I think it is a charming homage.

4. In the picture, he is baptizing King Ethelred.

5. He was as reluctant to evangelize England as Pope Gregory the Great was eager to have England evangelized. Being of equal but opposing minds, they might have canceled out if one wasn't the Pope. All other things being equal, Popes win.

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