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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2 -- Feast of Saint Luke Casalius

 It's a sin to exploit folks' disabilities for cheap laughs.  Still, like all the best sins, it is tempting.  Fortunately, today's post gently illustrates the sinful nature of such a prank and one way to do penance.

Not these Stones!
Luca Casali was a twelfth century Sicilian who was tapped early for a church career.  He grew up in a monastery, took the tonsure, and subsequently became a priest.  He was elected prefect of the monastery, but had to be ordered by the Pope to take the job.

Luca was a mighty preacher, but at some point he went blind.  Still, he traveled around the area, guided by brothers from his monastery, delivering spell-binding sermons.  In the course of one such circuit around his corner of Sicily, the brothers decided to play a little joke.  Resting in a desolate little spot, they told their reverend prefect that a great crowd had gathered to hear him.  I imagine that Luca's hearing was not as bad as his sight, and so he probably knew there was no great crowd present, but he played along.  Perhaps, however, he was unaware.  Either way, he stood up and delivered a barn-burning sermon.
These stones!  AMEN!

The brothers were denied their joke.  Whether from compassion or pure inspiration, the stones themselves chorused a titanic "Amen!" as he concluded.

After Luca's demise and canonization, the people of Nicosia dedicated a church to him on the spot where he preached to the stones.  Can I get an Amen?

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