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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19 -- Feast of Saint Trophimus and Companions

Interlocked Deaths of Roman Christians

Three Amici -- Happy Chappies in Snappy Serapes
Trophimus and Sabbatius were selected by the Emperor Probus as his legates to Antioch, Pisidia.  There, they witnessed the rather brutal enforcement of his command that all citizens should offer sacrifices to the traditional Roman gods. I use traditional in a rather loose sense, since the Romans had been adding gods to their pantheon ever since Romulus and Remus were pups.

Somewhat shocked by both the unflinching cruelty of the torturers and the unyielding faith of the Christians, they did a little investigation.  As if to bear out the Emperor's fears, this brief glance at the forbidden faith proved irresistible, and before long they too were in the dock.  Sabbatius didn't last long under the torturer's lash.

T and D on the left, Sabbatius on the right, Death throughout
Killing average citizens who've embraced a forbidden faith is one thing, but killing an imperial legate is another.  The wise folks in charge of Antioch quickly palmed the living legate off on the prison at Synnada, where he met a senator named Dorymedon was locked up.  The two Christians probably had a chance to share a bowl of chili and half a pack of cigs before they were taken into the yard and told to sacrifice to Castor and Pollux.  The choice of these particular gods -- twin brothers whose fraternal devotion transcended death itself -- was interesting.  Tested together, they were able to reinforce each other's faith and condemn themselves to death.  Death at the paws and claws of wild beasts.

As usual, the beasts declined to play their part so soldiers had to decapitate the saints. 

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