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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26 -- Feast of Blessed Dalmatius Moner

 Miracle-working, Cave-dwelling Dominican

St. Mary Magdalene's cave, where DM lived
Sometimes the miracle stories that get told about saints are just fun to repeat. 

Brother Dalmatius was a Dominican friar, born in Aragon in 1291. There are lots of fun little things noted about him.  Some of the editors who have worked with Butler's Lives of the Saints would say that the miracle stories detract from the earnest piety of the real Dalmatius, but I can hold the genuine piety in mind and still enjoy the peculiarities of his legend.  If you want to play a game, rate the plausibility of each of the following bullets as you read about the Blessed Brother.

  • In strict adherence with his vow of poverty, he only wore clothes cast off by fellow Dominicans.  Since they too were bound by vows of poverty, Dalmatius' clothes were beyond disrepair.  
  • He had the power to levitate, and sometimes conversed with angels.  
  • Although he spoke to angels, he rarely spoke to women.  When he did, he turned his back to them and spoke over his shoulder.  
  • A woman once asked that Dalmatius heal her son's eyes.  He refused, explaining that the affliction would save the boy from serious sins.  He then offered the comfort that God would heal the eyes in His own time. 
  • His whole diet consisted of hard bread and unripe vegetables, except during Lent, when he added ashes to the mix.  
  • He spent the last forty years of his life in the cave that St. Mary Magdalene had lived in when she moved to France (Gaul).  He only left the cave to attend Mass and choir.  
  • He turned down every administrative office offered to him, preferring to remain a simple friar. 

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