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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13 -- Feast of Saint Mochoemoc

Headless warrior from another culture
Mochoemoc was an Irish abbot, living from around 580 to 656.  He founded several abbeys, including the Liath-Mochoemoc monastery where he served as abbot.  All this is nice, but wouldn't have gotten him into the canon here if not for his remarkable conception. 

His Aunt Ite, herself a saint, had predicted that Ness (Ite's sister) and her husband Beoan would have a saint for a son.  Then Beoan marched off to war and lost his head.  Ite recovered his body on the battlefield but could not find the head.  Rather than asking her sister to be married to a headless warrior, she knelt and prayed.  The head came flying across the battlefield as if it had been lobbed from a catapult.  She hefted it up and recapitated her brother-in-law.  He and his young wife went home and celebrated their good fortune by conceiving the prophesied saint. 

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