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Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23 -- Feast of Saint Merbod of Bregenz

The subject of yesterday's post was a repeat from last year.  I need to pay closer attention.  He seemed so familiar... I should have known something was up. 

Tomorrow's post is extra long because there is so much to say about [Saint] Oscar Romero.  Fortunately, it is divided into chunks so you can easily decide what parts to skip. 

Today's post has to be brief because it is an unsolved mystery.  In fact, since Saint Merbod was killed in 1120, I figure that on a scale of cold cases, this is just about zero degrees Kelvin. 

Merbod was from an aristocratic family from Vorarlberg, Austria.  His brothers, Diedo and Ilga, also became saints.  Merbod entered a Benedictine monastery but later became a hermit.  As such, he preached some and performed some healing miracles.  Handy guy to have around, but not everyone saw it that way.  One morning he was found outside his hermitage, his head bashed open. 

One story has it that he resurrected a dead child and that was going too far for some folks.  That's a story I'd like to know more about, but the folks in the know aren't talking anymore.

The other story is that Merbod was calling some folks out about their bad behavior.  Like so many of us, they responded with worse behavior, not better. 

Saint Merbod: Patron of Unsolved Mysteries and Cold Cases

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