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Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14 -- Feast of Blessed James of Viterbo

Blessed James
James Capocci, born around 1255, got a doctorate from the University of Paris before becoming the Bishop of Benevento and then the Archbishop of Naples.  Called the Doctor Speculativus (Dr. Inquisitive?), James is best remembered as a political philosopher.  He was an Augustinian, which always suggests an academically heavy hitter to me.

The question of the day was whether spiritual power is the source of temporal power or whether both powers spring independently from God.  James was not satisfied entirely by either explanation, preferring to contend that temporal power originates from humans, but that without spiritual power informing it, it is weak and ineffectual.

Cardinal Bergoglio -- Habemus papam!

I think I agree with him, as far as I understand his argument.  Gandhi's notion of satyagraha -- soul force or truth force -- is probably related to James' notion of temporal power enriched by spiritual power.

Side note:  I am encouraged by Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio's decision to take the name Francis. I don't know much about the new pope yet, but if Saint Francis is a model for him, he's starting off right. 

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