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Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15 -- Feast of Saint Hunna the Washerwoman

The daughter of an Alsatian duke, Hunna married another duke, Huno of Hunnawetyer.  [Popular prefix, I guess.]  Life wasn't easy for anyone in the seventh century, but I imagine that being an Alsatian duchess must have had certain privileges. That's why Hunna's dedication to alleviating the hardships of the poor were so impressive. 

Rather than hang around her relatively comfortable home, thinking up tasks for the servants to complete, Hunna went to the homes of the least fortunate to help them with their work.  She helped them bathe, and was especially noted for helping with the laundry.  Thus, she is the patron of laundry workers.  Not, as Madison Ave would have us believe, the inventors of Calgon (remember the ancient Chinese secret ad?) nor the engineers at Maytag. 

If you've got an open spot on the wall above your washer and dryer, you could do worse than to hang a picture of Hunna as a reminder to be grateful for the modern conveniences that relieve us from some of our drudgery. 

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