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Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20 -- Feast of Oda, Hildegund, and Agnes Segni

Nose intact
Blessed Oda of Rivreulle was a noblewoman of the twelfth century who, like so many other medieval saints and beatae, preferred life as a nun to married life.  Her parents coerced her to the altar (or more likely cathedral door, as marriages were often outdoor events back in the day) but she answered NO to the priest's pro forma offer to consecrate the marriage.  Sir Simon the Jilted drops out of the story, but other suitors stepped up to take his place.  You have heard of cutting your nose off to spite your face?  She did -- literally.  Exeunt suitors.  Her parents granted permission for her to become a Norbertine nun; she rose to be a well-respected prioress.

Hildegund aka Joseph
Hidegund of Schönau was also a twelfth century beata.  Her mom died in childbirth and dad vowed a pilgrimage if the child lived.  He waited until she was old enough to travel; given the perils, they decided that dressing her up like a boy was safe.  A haircut and a new set of clothes and then Hildegund was Joseph.  They made it to Jerusalem, but dad died in Tyre on the return trip.  A servant took the money and ran, leaving Little Joe alone and penniless.  Soon after, s/he was accused of stealing and hanged, but an angel kept her/him alive.  In time, he made it back to Schönau and, still Joseph, joined a monastery.  Late one night, Little Joe confided the adventures to one of the other young brothers, leaving out the part about being Hildegund.  When Old Joe finally gave up the ghost, she surprised the brothers who prepped the remains for burial.

Agnes Segni of Montepulciano
Blessed Agnes Segni became a nun at nine, founded a new house at fourteen, and became Mother Superior at sixteen.  [Insert Teen Mom joke here.]  Where do you go from there?  Miracles, of course.  Visions.  Communion from an angel.  Ecstatic levitation.  Transfiguration.  Multiplication of bread.  And eventually, a Vita written by Blessed Raymond of Capua.

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