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Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 18 -- St. Luke the Physician

The Big Dogs will not be ignored, and St. Luke is certainly among the six or seven biggest dogs in the kennel. The author of that eponymous Gospel, as well as the Acts of the Apostles, Luke was clearly one of the most influential early Christian writers. He was a close colleague of St. Paul, sharing his mission work, his shipwreck, and his trip to Rome. Luke hung out in the Eternal City while Paul was in prison, but apparently left after the execution.

He may have painted portraits of Jesus and Mary, though he had never met Jesus. Anyway, the attribution is enough to qualify him as the patron saint of artists of all kinds -- painters, sculptors, goldsmiths,glass makers, lace makers, and even brewers. He is also the patron saint of healers, including physicians, surgeons, and brewers.

Did I mention that he is also the patron saint of brewers? Here's to Luke...

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  1. I once read a novel based on the life of Luke. I thought I was almost in love with him by the end. But then, more recently I thought I was "almost in love" with Brad Bryan of organ fame. Music organs that is, not the physical kind.