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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 27 --- St. Odran

Before Columba was a saint, back when he was just a holy man living out on the Isle of Iona, a man named Odran came to work and pray with him. Odran was one of Columba's first followers, which must have given him a special place in Columba's heart. Anyway, Odran died soon after arriving, and Columba saw a vision of Odran's soul being fought over by angels and devils. As Columba watched, the angels won and carried Odran's soul to heaven.

Good to know there are troops standing by to carry you home in case the enemies come for you.

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  1. Do I get this right - his claim to sainthood was that another priest saw a vision about him being carried into heaven by the angels? Hmmmm.