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Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 9 -- Blessed Gunther's Last Hurrah

My brother and I were commenting on the power of ego the other day. It can make a saved man lost again, but failure can help a lost man be found.

Gunther was the cousin of St. Stephen of Hungary, and apparently lived a life of comfort and ease. Indeed, his life was remarkable for its luxury, a condition thought to be at odds with Christianity. However, Gunther had a conversion experience and gave up his worldly ways for the habit of a Benedictine monk. That is to say, he seemed to have given up his worldly ways until he campaigned for and became abbot of his monastery.

His failure in that job was spectacular, so he resigned it to become a hermit in the mountains of the Czech Republic, a decision that stuck for the final twenty-eight years of his life.

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