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Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 22 -- St. Mary Salome (Irene)

Moms are the best, and they never quit advocating for others. Even Jesus was susceptible to the power of his mom -- he wasn't prepared to reveal himself at the wedding feast in Cana. Mary asked him to solve the problem and he told her his time had not yet come. But then he did the water-to-wine thing anyway.

Mary Salome (Irene in Greek) was the mother of Saint John the Apostle and Saint James the Greater. You'd think that being one of the three Marys (Theotokos, Magdalene, and Salome) and the mom of two of his favorite apostles would give her the standing to ask for a little insider information. So she asked what place her sons would have in the kingdom of heaven. He wasn't as cranky with her as he had been with his own mom, but neither did she learn much. The Father, not he, assigns places in the kingdom, and they'd have to follow His example of humility and sacrifice to earn their places. As if trekking around Judea with him, sleeping on the floors of other people's homes and living small out of the common purse wasn't humble and self-sacrificing enough. Tough Lord, that Jesus.

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