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Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26 -- Feast of Saints Cyprian and Justina

True fact up front: these two saints are no longer in the Roman Martyrology because they didn't really exist.  If you want real saints, go to the links at the bottom.  Or at least the link about the Martyrs of North America.  Cosmas and Damien were probably real, and might have even been Arab physicians who didn't charge for healings, but that's where the plausibility ends until their beheadings.  

Cyprian was a magician who had commerce with demons.  Justina was a beautiful Christian girl who had pledged to remain chaste.  Cyprian had his demons assail her resolution so that he could score.  Thrice they sallied, and were thrice repulsed when she made the sign of the Cross.  In despair, Cyprian himself made the sign of the Cross and was freed from his service to Satan. 

Cyprian got to be a big man in the Church, rising from deacon to priest to bishop.  Justina rose to be the superior of her convent.  Then the Diocletian's persecution rolled around and they were both busted, tortured, and finally beheaded.  

 Last year's post was about the Martyrs of North America.  I included some tips from a French Jesuit for living well among the Indians.  Really, some of it is pretty good advice for living among anyone. 

After spending more time than I should have editing a very nice post about Cosmas and Damien, Blogger wouldn't let me post.  Oy, it was being a pain.  I suspect it knew what I did not: they are also celebrated on July 1 and I have an adequate post about them there.  The new post had some lovely frescoes by Fra Angelico (commissioned by Cosimo de Medici), but you can google-image those yourself. 

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