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Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 11 -- Feast of Blessed Symforian Ducki

I was all set to make fun of this beatus' name. Thymforian, as his cousin Daffy calls him. He's the forensic medicine guy in NCIS: Heaven. Etc.

Then I read about his life. A Polish Capuchin monk, he was arrested by the Gestapo in June 1941 and sent to Pawiak. From there, he was transferred to Auschwitz. The ordinary deprivations and abuses followed until one night, when the guards began beating some of the fellow prisoners, Symforian faced them and made a sign of the Cross. The guards paused a moment, uncertain, and then fell on him with their truncheons. They beat him to death on the spot, but did not resume the beatings of the others. He is considered to be a martyr, and is enlisted in the aid of those being held against their will. I found someone's suggestion on line that he be enlisted in prayer for girls being held within the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints communities.

Good thing I didn't actually crack any jokes about his name.

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